Golden Voice

Please read these terms before submitting a Tweet for consideration in this program.

By submitting your Tweet, you thereby grant to Kraft Foods the permission to record the Tweet (including your Twitter handle) and incorporate the Tweet and the recording thereof into a video and related materials. You understand that any Tweet made into a video as part of this program will be posted on by Kraft Foods and acknowledge and agree that Kraft Foods is not responsible for any unauthorized use of any Tweet or video by third parties.

If your Tweet is selected to be made into a video, you understand that Kraft Foods shall own the video and is providing the video to you solely for your personal use and that you do not have the right to use the video for any other purpose.

Only tweets that are submitted in English will be considered.

SUBMISSION RESTRICTIONS: Your Tweet may not contain, and you hereby represent and warrant that it does not contain, any content or materials that:

REVIEW AND SELECTION OF SUBMISSIONS: All eligible Tweets received by Kraft Foods will be reviewed to determine which submissions, if any, will be made into videos. If your Tweet is selected, it will be recorded and Kraft Foods will send a copy to you (for your personal use only) via Twitter. Kraft Foods’s decisions are final and binding. Kraft Foods does not guarantee that any Tweet will be made into a video. Exact number of videos made by Kraft Foods in connection with this program will depend on number of eligible Tweets received; however, given the length of the program Kraft Foods does not expect time will allow for more than 100 videos. Kraft Foods may receive many Tweets that are similar and/or exactly the same. If Kraft Foods chooses to make a video using one of these such Tweets, it does not guarantee that any of the other similar or same Tweets will also be made into videos. Tweets selected by Kraft Foods to be made into videos may be altered and/or edited, in Kraft Foods’ sole discretion. If your Tweet is selected to be made into a video, Kraft Foods will have no obligation to obtain your approval for any such edits or alterations.